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Feyerabend, Paul K. - Philosophy of Nature, e-bok

Philosophy of Nature

Feyerabend, Paul K.


Yet it is not well known that Feyerabend spent many years working on a philosophy of nature that was intended to comprise three volumes covering the period from the earliest traces of stone age cave paintings to the atomic physics of the 20th century – a project

Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa - Human Creation between Reality and Illusion, e-bok

Human Creation between Reality and Illusion

Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa


Triumph of the Dissolution of Reality by Illusion: The Spiritual Experience of Trompe L’Oeil Architectural Wall Paintings — The Tomb of the Leopards and the Villa of the Mysteries
Joanne Snow-Smith
9. Illusionary Touch, and Touching Illusions

Kapoula, Zoï - Aesthetics and Neuroscience, e-bok

Aesthetics and Neuroscience

Kapoula, Zoï


Table of contents
Part I. Neuroscience of Creativity
1. The Vestibular System and Artistic Painting: A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Multi-modal Interactions in Aesthetic Experience of Painting and Painting Viewing
Alain Londero, Didier Bouccara, Hervé Bozec
2. Heuraesthesia: When Synaesthesia Fertilizes