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Gigliotti, Carol - Leonardo¿s Choice, e-bok

Leonardo¿s Choice

Gigliotti, Carol


Table of contents
1. Genetic Science, Animal Exploitation, and the Challenge for Democracy
Steven Best
2. Darwin’s Progeny: Eugenics, Genetics and Animal Rights
Vincent J. Guihan
3. Intimate Strife: The Unbearable Intimacy of Human–Animal Relations
Beth Carruthers
4. Leonardo’s Choice: The Ethics

Hay, Carol - Kantianism, Liberalism, and Feminism, e-bok

Kantianism, Liberalism, and Feminism

Hay, Carol


Table of contents
1. Liberalism & Oppression
Carol Hay
2. A Feminist Defence of Kant
Carol Hay
3. The Obligation to Resist Sexual Harassment
Carol Hay
4. The Obligation to Resist Oppression
Carol Hay
5. Respect-Worthiness…

Hooft, Stan - Questioning Cosmopolitanism, e-bok

Questioning Cosmopolitanism

Hooft, Stan


Table of contents
1. Questioning the Questioning of Cosmopolitanism
Nigel Dower
2. Moral Progress and World History: Ethics and Global Interconnectedness
Andrew Linklater
3. Cosmopolitanism, Identity and Recognition
Stan Hooft
4. Redeeming Freedom
Jiwei Ci
5. The Cosmopolitan Self and the Fetishism

Rowe, Anne - Iris Murdoch: A Reassessment, e-bok

Iris Murdoch: A Reassessment

Rowe, Anne


Table of contents
1. Introduction: ‘A Large Hall of Reflection’
Anne Rowe
Part I. Reinstating Theology
2. Reconsidering Iris Murdoch’s Moral Philosophy and Theology
Maria Antonaccio
3. ‘All the World Must Be “Religious”’: Iris Murdoch’s Ontological Arguments
Stephen Mulhall
4. Iris

Ottmann, Henning - Nietzsche-Handbuch, e-bok


Ottmann, Henning


Brobjer, Carol Diethe, Pia Volz, Thomas H. Brobjer
2. Werke in chronologischer Reihenfolge
Hans Gerald Hödl, Holger Schmid, Wiebrecht Ries, Karl-Friedrich Kiesow, Marco Brusotti, Claus Zittel, Maria Cristina Fornari, Rüdiger Ziemann, Gherardo Ugolini, Renate

Kampourakis, Kostas - The Philosophy of Biology, e-bok

The Philosophy of Biology

Kampourakis, Kostas


Table of contents
1. Philosophy of Biology and Biology Education: An Introduction
Kostas Kampourakis
2. What Is Life?
Carol E. Cleland, Michael Zerella
3. Biological Explanation
Angela Potochnik
4. What Would Natural Laws in the Life Sciences Be?
Marc Lange
5. The Nature of Evolutionary Biology:

Hekman, Susan J. - The Feminine Subject, e-bok

The Feminine Subject

Hekman, Susan J.


In a comprehensive synthesis of a number of feminist theorists she covers French feminist thinkers Luce Irigaray and Helene Cixous as well as theorists such as Carol Gilligan, Carole Pateman and Judith Butler. The book examines the relational self, feminist liberalism