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Khandizaji, Amirhosein - Baudrillard and the Culture Industry, e-bok

Baudrillard and the Culture Industry

Khandizaji, Amirhosein


Table of contents
1. The Frankfurt School: Introduction and Historical Background
Amirhosein Khandizaji
2. What Happened to the Frankfurt School?
Amirhosein Khandizaji
3. Theories of the Frankfurt School, Veblen, and Baudrillard: A…

Runehov, Anne L.C. - The Human Being, the World and God, e-bok

The Human Being, the World and God

Runehov, Anne L.C.


Table of contents
Part I. Human Being
1. A Two- and Threefold Self
Anne L. C. Runehov
2. The Human Experiencer
Anne L. C. Runehov
3. Human Uniqueness
Anne L. C. Runehov
Part II. The World
4. Understanding Reality

Joy, Morny - Women, Religion, and the Gift, e-bok

Women, Religion, and the Gift

Joy, Morny


Table of contents
1. Contributing to Continuity: Women and Sacrifice in Ancient Israel
Carol L. Meyers
2. Abidah El Khalieqy’s Struggles of Islamic Feminism Through Literary Writings
Diah Ariani Arimbi
3. An Epic Cry for Autonomy:…