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Pinn, Anthony B. - Humanism and Technology, e-bok

Humanism and Technology

Pinn, Anthony B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anthony B. Pinn
Part I. Humans Through Technology
2. Humans, Humanities, and Humanism in an Age of Technology
Willem B. Drees
3. Which Humanist Are You? Reflections on Our Trans- and Posthumanity

Barrotta, Pierluigi - Scientists, Democracy and Society, e-bok

Scientists, Democracy and Society

Barrotta, Pierluigi


Table of contents
1. Hume’s ‘Law’ and the Ideal of Value-Free Science
Pierluigi Barrotta
2. Concepts, Values, and Scientific Measurements
Pierluigi Barrotta
3. Values and Inductive Risk
Pierluigi Barrotta
4. Scientific…

Schmidt, Siegfried J. - Histories and Discourses, e-bok

Histories and Discourses

Schmidt, Siegfried J.


In Histories & Discourses he carries out a change of perspective from media and communication studies to studies of culture and the philosophy of language. His 'rewriting' of constructivism shows that classical constructivism shares