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Mancosu, Paolo - The Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, e-bok

The Philosophy of Mathematical Practice

Mancosu, Paolo


There is an urgent need in philosophy of mathematics for new approaches which pay closer attention to mathematical practice. This book will blaze the trail: it offers philosophical analyses of important characteristics of contemporary mathematics and of many aspects of mathematical

McDonnell, Jane - The Pythagorean World, e-bok

The Pythagorean World

McDonnell, Jane


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jane McDonnell
2. The Applicability of Mathematics
Jane McDonnell
3. The Role of Mathematics in Fundamental Physics
Jane McDonnell
4. One True Mathematics
Jane McDonnell
5. What Mathematics…

Pombo, Olga - Special Sciences and the Unity of Science, e-bok

Special Sciences and the Unity of Science

Pombo, Olga


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Olga Pombo, Juan Manuel Torres, John Symons, Shahid Rahman
2. Pragmatic Continuities in Empirical Science: Some Examples from the History of Astronomy
María Concepción Caamaño Alegre
3. The Principle…

Atkinson, David - Fading Foundations, e-bok

Fading Foundations

Atkinson, David


Table of contents
1. The Regress Problem
David Atkinson, Jeanne Peijnenburg
2. Epistemic Justification
David Atkinson, Jeanne Peijnenburg
3. The Probabilistic Regress
David Atkinson, Jeanne Peijnenburg
4. Fading Foundations…

Heller, Michael - Philosophy in Science, e-bok

Philosophy in Science

Heller, Michael


Aristotle’s Physics
Michael Heller
4. Aristotle’s Method of Cosmological Speculation
Michael Heller
5. Descartes’ Mechanism
Michael Heller
6. Isaac Newton and the Mathematical Principles