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Hatina, Meir - Arab Liberal Thought after 1967, e-bok

Arab Liberal Thought after 1967

Hatina, Meir


Arab Post-Marxists after Disillusionment: Between Liberal Newspeak and Revolution Reloaded
Manfred Sing
10. Ziad al-Rahbani and the Liberal Subject
Sune Haugbølle
11. The Ambivalent Embrace of Liberalism: The Draft Program of the Freedom and Justice

Painter-Morland, Mollie - Cutting-edge issues in Business Ethics, e-bok

Cutting-edge issues in Business Ethics

Painter-Morland, Mollie


Continental Philosophy: A Grounded Theory Approach and the Emergence of Convenient and Inconvenient Ethics
David Bevan
12. Contribution Towards a Phenomenological Approach to Business Ethics
Stephen Meinster
13. Mental Models, Moral Imagination and