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Masschelein, Jan - Rancire, Public Education and the Taming of Democracy, e-bok

Rancire, Public Education and the Taming of Democracy

Masschelein, Jan


The book introduces and discusses the works of Jacques Rancière, a leading philosopher increasingly important in the field of educational theory and philosophyThe volume will have a broad appeal to those in the field of education theory and philosophy, and those concerned with democracy, equal opportunities

Fabre, Cecile - Justice in a Changing World, e-bok

Justice in a Changing World

Fabre, Cecile


Should governments give special rights to ethnic and cultural minorities? Should rich countries open their borders to economic immigrants or transfer resources to poor countries? When framing and implementing economic and environmental policies, should

Merle, Jean-Christophe - Spheres of Global Justice, e-bok

Spheres of Global Justice

Merle, Jean-Christophe


Bringing Democracy Back In? From Local Politics to Global Politics
Hans Vorländer
6. Demarchy: A Dubious Conception of Global Democracy
Christian Hiebaum
7. Participation in Public Debate and Ethical Division Within Nations
Emmanuel Picavet

Drengson, Alan - The Selected Works of Arne Naess, e-bok

The Selected Works of Arne Naess

Drengson, Alan


The Politics of the Deep Ecology Movement
105. The Three Great Movements
106. The Encouraging Richness and Diversity of Ultimate Premises in Environmental Philosophy
107. The Third World, Wilderness, and Deep Ecology
108. Cultural Diversity and the Deep