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Gentes, Annie - The In-Discipline of Design, e-bok

The In-Discipline of Design

Gentes, Annie


Table of contents
1. Design as Meaning and Form Making: An Introduction
Annie Gentes
2. From Interactive Design to Reflective Design
Annie Gentes
3. Creative Figures of Users
Annie Gentes
4. The Poetics of Invention

Gagliardi, Pasquale - Aesthetics of Universal Knowledge, e-bok

Aesthetics of Universal Knowledge

Gagliardi, Pasquale


Table of contents
1. Text and Context: Genius Loci (A Preface)
Pasquale Gagliardi
2. Introduction
Simon Schaffer
Part I. Visions: How Aesthetics and Museology Affect the Ways in Which Worlds can be Shown and Known
3. Re-visioning…