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Battin, Margaret Pabst - Ending Life : Ethics and the Way We Die, e-bok

Ending Life : Ethics and the Way We Die

Battin, Margaret Pabst


The last ten years have seen fast-moving developments in end-of-life issues, from the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in Oregon and the Netherlands to furor over proposed restrictions of scheduled drugs used for causing death, and the development of "NuTech"

Pratt, Scott L. - Logic: Inquiry, Argument, and Order, e-bok

Logic: Inquiry, Argument, and Order

Pratt, Scott L.


With its accessible style and integration of philosophical inquiry and real-life concerns, this book offers a novel approach to the theory of logic and its relevance to questions of meaning and value that arise in the world around us.
The book poses four problems

Aerts, Diederik - Worldviews and Cultures, e-bok

Worldviews and Cultures

Aerts, Diederik


Hermeneutic Philosophy and Human Experience: An Intercultural Perspective o f Worldviews and Life World in the Mapuche Culture
Ricardo Salas
10. Towards an Intercultural Construction of Rationality
V. Dina, C. Picotti
11. Universalism and Relativism

Müller-Doohm, Stefan - Habermas: A Biography, e-bok

Habermas: A Biography

Müller-Doohm, Stefan


‘Jürgen Habermas’, wrote the American philosopher Ronald Dworkin on the occasion of the great European thinker’s eightieth birthday, ‘is not only the world’s most famous living philosopher. Even his fame is famous.’ Now, after many years of intensive research and in-depth conversations