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Hatina, Meir - Arab Liberal Thought after 1967, e-bok

Arab Liberal Thought after 1967

Hatina, Meir


Arab Post-Marxists after Disillusionment: Between Liberal Newspeak and Revolution Reloaded
Manfred Sing
10. Ziad al-Rahbani and the Liberal Subject
Sune Haugbølle
11. The Ambivalent Embrace of Liberalism: The Draft Program of the Freedom and Justice

Painter-Morland, Mollie - Cutting-edge issues in Business Ethics, e-bok

Cutting-edge issues in Business Ethics

Painter-Morland, Mollie


Continental Philosophy: A Grounded Theory Approach and the Emergence of Convenient and Inconvenient Ethics
David Bevan
12. Contribution Towards a Phenomenological Approach to Business Ethics
Stephen Meinster
13. Mental Models, Moral Imagination and

Habermas, Jürgen - Truth and Justification, e-bok

Truth and Justification

Habermas, Jürgen


Since then, however, he has developed a formal pragmatic theory which is based on an analysis of speech acts and language use. In this new volume Habermas takes up the philosophical questions of truth, objectivity and reality from the perspective of his linguistically-based