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Badiou, Alain - The Century, e-bok

The Century

Badiou, Alain


Everywhere, the twentieth century has been judged and condemned: the century of totalitarian terror, of utopian and criminal ideologies, of empty illusions, of genocides, of false avant-gardes, of democratic realism everywhere replaced by abstraction.

Shand, John - A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Philosophy, e-bok

A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

Shand, John


Investigate the challenging and nuanced philosophy of the long nineteenth century from Kant to Bergson
Philosophy in the nineteenth century was characterized by new ways of thinking, a desperate searching for new truths. As science, art, and religion

Thunder, David - The Ethics of Citizenship in the 21st Century, e-bok

The Ethics of Citizenship in the 21st Century

Thunder, David


Table of contents
Part I. Theorizing the Practice of Citizenship
1. What Is the Use of an Ethical Theory of Citizenship?
David Thunder
2. Varieties of Citizenship and the Moral Foundations of Politics
William English
Part II. Citizenship…