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Black, Caroline - The PR Practitioner's Desktop Guide, e-bok

The PR Practitioner's Desktop Guide

Black, Caroline


What is this Report about? · Desktop Guides are a successful series of books which act as a practical source of reference, guidance, techniques and best practice. · The style and lay-out are clear and concise, with an abundance of valuable summaries,…

Griseri, Paul - Management Knowledge, e-bok

Management Knowledge

Griseri, Paul


Management Knowledge A Critical View This book fills the gap for a text which presents a theoretically-based critique of management knowledge but in an accessible form which is relevant to MBA students and practitioners alike. Students have to learn and digest accepted 'management knowledge'

Mee, Steve - Valuing People with a Learning Disability, e-bok

Valuing People with a Learning Disability

Mee, Steve


This timely book asks three vital questions: • What do we mean by valuing? • How does the process of valuing work? • What needs to happen to ensure that we value people with a learning disability? Too often, practitioners tend to say ‘it’s all right in