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Barrat, John - Timeless management, e-bok

Timeless management

Barrat, John


Today's managers are bombarded with a constant stream of management fads and fashions, each claiming to be the key to business success. In this new book Alan Coppin and John Barratt draw on their experience of managing change in the Historic Royal Palaces to show that successful management

Butcher, David - Smart Management, e-bok

Smart Management

Butcher, David


Contents Organisational Politics Why Politics are Perceived as Illegitimate Legitimate Politics How to Understand Political Behaviour in Organisations Constructive Political Behaviour Political Strategies Author Biographies DAVID BUTCHER is Director of the General Management

Griseri, Paul - Management Knowledge, e-bok

Management Knowledge

Griseri, Paul


Management Knowledge A Critical View This book fills the gap for a text which presents a theoretically-based critique of management knowledge but in an accessible form which is relevant to MBA students and practitioners alike. Students have to learn

Thomas, Mark - Mastering People Management, e-bok

Mastering People Management

Thomas, Mark


Based on in-depth experience of developing people and initiating change within many organisations, Mark Thomas provides a practical guide to mastering the essential techniques of people management.

Czerniawska, Fiona - Management consultancy -What next?, e-bok

Management consultancy -What next?

Czerniawska, Fiona


This book is a substantial re-write of the author's earlier book on management consultancy that has established itself as a leading book on this topic. This re-write focuses upon the analysis of the impact of e-business on the consulting industry as well as examining the changing structure

Coe, Charles K. - Nonprofit Financial Management: A Practical Guide, e-bok

Nonprofit Financial Management: A Practical Guide

Coe, Charles K.


A timely, practical, and concise handbook of best practices for nonprofit financial management
In 2010 an estimated 325,000 charities, membership groups, and trade associations?with small nonprofits disproportionately represented?stand to lose their tax exemptions for failure to comply with financial management

Williams, Michael - Testing  Management Skills, e-bok

Testing Management Skills

Williams, Michael


This easy to use, practical and effective book will provide you with: · a simple yet comprehensive guide to administering and interpreting each profile and ensuring the best results. · a straightforward system that does not require complex licence…

Manion, Jo - From Management to Leadership: Strategies for Transforming Health, e-bok

From Management to Leadership: Strategies for Transforming Health

Manion, Jo


From Management to Leadership identifies and the fundamental interpersonal skills that every health care leader needs, and maps out specific suggestions for developing and improving these skills. The concepts and skills are immediately applicable in everyday leadership practice at any level