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Collins, Richard - Media and Identity in Contemporary Europe, e-bok

Media and Identity in Contemporary Europe

Collins, Richard


Has international media impacted upon the legitimacy of national communities and ideologies in Europe? Richard Collins gives an integrated analysis of the central issues in contemporary media policy. Because technological change in broadcasting has enabled us to open up media markets, the

Martel, Gordon - A Companion to Europe 1900-1945, e-bok

A Companion to Europe 1900-1945

Martel, Gordon


This volume brings together a distinguished group of international scholars to discuss the major debates in the study of early twentieth-century Europe.Brings together contributions from a distinguished group of international scholars.Provides an overview…

Bondebjerg, Ib  - European Culture and the Media, e-bok

European Culture and the Media

Bondebjerg, Ib


The book European Culture and the Media reflects and analyses developments in European media currently undergoing fundamental changes, following not just decades of globalization, but also an ever deeper cultural and political integration and expansion of Europe as a political vision and

Appold, Kenneth G. - The Reformation: A Brief History, e-bok

The Reformation: A Brief History

Appold, Kenneth G.


 A rich overview of the Reformation, skillfully blending social, political, religious and theological dimensions A clearly and engagingly written narrative which draws on the latest and best scholarshipIncludes the history of the Reformation in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe,