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Kompare, Derek - CSI, e-bok


Kompare, Derek


There are certain films and shows that resonate with audiences everywhere—they generate discussion and debate about everything from gender, class, citizenship and race, to consumerism and social identity. This new ‘teachable canon’ of film

Heller, Dana - Hairspray, e-bok


Heller, Dana


By reconsidering assumptions about mainstream popular culture and its revolutionary possibilities, author Dana Heller reveals that John Waters' popular 1988 film Hairspray is the director's most subversive movie.Represents the first scholarly work on any of film

Holt, Jennifer - Media Industries: History, Theory, and Method, e-bok

Media Industries: History, Theory, and Method

Holt, Jennifer


Media Industries: History, Theory and Method is among the first texts to explore the evolving field of media industry studies and offer an innovative blueprint for future study and analysis.capitalizes on the current social and cultural environment of unprecedented technical change, convergence,

Maltby, Richard - Explorations in New Cinema History: Approaches and Case Studies, e-bok

Explorations in New Cinema History: Approaches and Case Studies

Maltby, Richard


Includes contributions from Robert Allen, Annette Kuhn, John Sedwick, Mark Jancovich, Peter Sanfield, and Kathryn Fuller-Seeley among othersDevelops the original argument that the social history of cinema-going and of the experience of cinema should take precedence over production- and text-based analyses

Neupert, Richard - History of Animated Cinema, e-bok

History of Animated Cinema

Neupert, Richard


Animation: History and Narration also addresses the aesthetic range of computer animation, including the non-representational work of John Whitney in the 1960s, and the experimentation of Disney’s Tron (1982), up to feature films today. Central to the study of

Bondebjerg, Ib  - European Culture and the Media, e-bok

European Culture and the Media

Bondebjerg, Ib


The aim is to develop comparative studies and understanding of the dynamics of European media culture, focusing on trends in the last decade, but with a broader historical perspective as an important context. Even though much energy has been devoted to developing policies