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Signore, Martin - Fantasy Football For Dummies, e-bok

Fantasy Football For Dummies

Signore, Martin


Packed with expert advice and timely tips
The fun and easy way to guide your team to glory in fantasy football
Fantasy football can be an addictive hobby. But if you've never played before, how do you start? Have no fear! This friendly guide explains the game to you from start to finish -- from scouting and drafting

Irwin, William - Final Fantasy and Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough, e-bok

Final Fantasy and Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough

Irwin, William


In this book, you'll take a fascinating look at the deeper issues that Final Fantasy forces players to think about while trying to battle their way to the next level, such as: Does Cloud really exist (or should we really care)? Is Kefka really insane? Are Moogles part

Fowkes, Katherine A. - The Fantasy Film, e-bok

The Fantasy Film

Fowkes, Katherine A.


The Fantasy Film provides a clear and compelling overview of this revitalized and explosively popular film genre. Includes analyses of a wide range of films, from early classics such as The Wizard of Oz and Harvey to Spiderman and Shrek, and blockbuster series such as The Lord of the Rings

Hernando, Almudena - The Fantasy of Individuality, e-bok

The Fantasy of Individuality

Hernando, Almudena


The Fantasy of Individuality I: Women and Gender Identity
Almudena Hernando
8. The Fantasy of Individuality II: Men’s (Unconscious) Performance of Relational Identity
Almudena Hernando
9. Dependent Individuality

Cederström, Carl - The Happiness Fantasy, e-bok

The Happiness Fantasy

Cederström, Carl


In this devastatingly witty new book, Carl Cederström traces our present-day conception of happiness from its roots in early-twentieth-century European psychiatry, to the Beat generation, to Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. He argues that happiness is…

Döpp, Hans-Jürgen - Erotic Fantasy, e-bok

Erotic Fantasy

Döpp, Hans-Jürgen


Numerous and diverse points of view come together in this work, demonstrating the multiple aspects that sexuality can present. If nothing is more natural than sexual desire, it is nothing less than the forms by which this desire is expressed and found…

Ormrod, James S. - Fantasy and Social Movements, e-bok

Fantasy and Social Movements

Ormrod, James S.


Introduction: Fantasy and Social Movements in Context
James S. Ormrod
Part I. Fantasy in Constellation: Fantasy, Reality, the Unconscious, Action and the Collective
2. Fantasy in

Chung, Yu-Ling - Translation and Fantasy Literature in Taiwan, e-bok

Translation and Fantasy Literature in Taiwan

Chung, Yu-Ling


The Evolution of Fantasy Literature in Taiwan
Yu-Ling Chung
4. A Translation Field in the Taiwanese Book Market
Yu-Ling Chung
5. Fantasy Translators as Social Agents in Taiwan
Yu-Ling Chung
6. More Than a Case Study
Yu-Ling Chung

Regis, Meta - Daydreams and the Function of Fantasy, e-bok

Daydreams and the Function of Fantasy

Regis, Meta


The Inner Workings of Fantasy: Daydreams as Natural Advertisements
Meta Regis
6. Celebrity Worship and Fantasy Immersion
Meta Regis
7. Escapes into Fiction: Violent Sexual Fantasy, Magical Reversal and Human Sexuality

Marshall, Louise H. - National Myth and Imperial Fantasy, e-bok

National Myth and Imperial Fantasy

Marshall, Louise H.


Introduction: Dramatising Britain — Nation, Fantasy and the London Stage, 1719–1745
Louise H. Marshall
2. Ancient Britons and Liberty
Louise H. Marshall
3. Kings, Ministers and Favourites: the National Myth in Peril
Louise H. Marshall