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Coop, Douglas - Seven Seasons of Wrath, e-bok

Seven Seasons of Wrath

Coop, Douglas


In 1834 young George White becomes a victim of intrigue. He is arrested in England and sentenced to transportation to ‘parts beyond the seas’ for a period of seven years. We follow him through jails, a Thames prison hulk and the long sea voyage ending…

Dickens, Charles - Some Christmas Stories, e-bok

Some Christmas Stories

Dickens, Charles


No author is more associated with Christmas-time than Charles Dickens. Collected here are six of his festive short stories to get you in the holiday spirit: • A Christmas Tree • What Christmas Is As We Grow Older • The Poor Relation's Story •…

Wilkinson, Alan - The Christmas Files, e-bok

The Christmas Files

Wilkinson, Alan


The Christmas Files: Operation Snowstorm is a hugely entertaining comedy thriller that shows us Santa and his toymaking operation as we've never seen them before. The story centres around ruthless billionaire Luther Averus's plot to get rid of Santa…

McWilliams, Hugh - Tales of Barnaby Grange, e-bok

Tales of Barnaby Grange

McWilliams, Hugh


All through the seasons little creatures are bustling about among the flowers and shrubs, never stopping until the very coldest days of winter. They are building and repairing their homes, searching for food and trying to keep out of trouble. They also like to get

Rogers, Elaine - Winter Down on the Farm, e-bok

Winter Down on the Farm

Rogers, Elaine


The books are set on a Welsh farm and they follow Fluffy’s adventures through the year as the seasons come and go. Each book highlights a different season on the farm. In this beautifully illustrated story Fluffy becomes lost

Rivals for Love

Rivals for Love

Cartland, Barbara


The beautiful Lady Elva Chartham had returned to her family home in the country from her Season as a debutante as she had become disenchanted by the endless balls and empty-headed young suitors. She much preferred to be with her horses. Her father was away fishing and her beloved Aunt Violet

Zimakoff, Daniel - FC Mezzi 5: Nine a Side, e-bok

FC Mezzi 5: Nine a Side

Zimakoff, Daniel


Football is not about life or death - it is far more important! FC Mezzi is starting a new season, and they must learn to play nine a side. It is a new kind of game with a bigger field and offside rules. They even have their own clubhouse, and they are consecrating it with a horror sleepover.