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Hall, Simon - The Judgement Book, e-bok

The Judgement Book

Hall, Simon


The race is on for crime-fighting reporter Dan Groves and his detective friend Adam Breen as they are caught in a blackmailer's web of sordid sex secrets which has already forced public figures to take their own lives... The Judgement Book is just a pocket diary, but festering with so much

Woods, Janina - Mycroft Holmes and the Edinburgh Affair, e-bok

Mycroft Holmes and the Edinburgh Affair

Woods, Janina


As public attention rises, he fights to avert any danger to his family and the Secret Service. To capture the culprit, Mycroft has to face an exceedingly uncomfortable truth about himself, which puts not only his career, but his very life into question.

Svec, Lidia - Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the First Unicorn, e-bok

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the First Unicorn

Svec, Lidia


Sherlock Holmes agrees to solve the greatest mystery of all time: What ever became of the very first Unicorn? Along the way he encounters an eccentric inventor who claims that his invention simply walked out of the lab, a Scotsman whose lochs have somehow vanished, a mysterious lady in search of a missing journal, an ages old,

Druce, Michael - Sherlock Holmes and The Roswell Incident, e-bok

Sherlock Holmes and The Roswell Incident

Druce, Michael


Immediately they find themselves in a web of Cold War intrigue, stolen secrets, double agents, and double crosses all connected to the mystery of Roswell. Was the crash a weather balloon, as the Air Force insists? Was it a top-secret

Cariad, Bill - The Orsinni Contracts, e-bok

The Orsinni Contracts

Cariad, Bill


K… A top secret government project must beat the Russians in a race which will give the winner control of men's minds. Meanwhile the police hunt is on for a gruesome paedophile who mutilates his kills, and the death toll is rising! In Italy…Six children are abducted

Croyle, A S - The Case of the Three Species, e-bok

The Case of the Three Species

Croyle, A S


The third is an investigation into who burglarized the brothel owned by Maggie May, a mysterious woman with a keen mind and a treasure trove of secrets. During this time, Poppy also faces great losses and the promise of a new life - if she can bring herself to give

Smith, Denis O. - The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 2, e-bok

The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 2

Smith, Denis O.


Who is it that bangs on the front door of Mr Lidington's isolated cottage in the dead of night? Why does Henry Barton's job interview proceed in such a surprising and unpredictable way? What is the secret of the man from Chile and his strange, silent wife? Sherlock

Cardillo, Nick - The Feats of Sherlock Holmes, e-bok

The Feats of Sherlock Holmes

Cardillo, Nick


What secret does a simple wedding ring hold? What has become of a young woman fleeing the country? Can Holmes uncover the truth of a haunted house which has baffled all of London? These are but a few of the questions which shall be answered as the pages of Dr. Watson's

Brown, Barry S - Mrs Hudson's Olympic Triumph, e-bok

Mrs Hudson's Olympic Triumph

Brown, Barry S


The Baker Street trio has the ten days of the Olympiad to recover the critical letter, capture a double murderer, and uncover the secret behind the scheme to pass off copies of Greek antiquities as genuine-all while Holmes seeks to dispatch his fencing competition