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Bennett, Robin - The Pepper King, e-bok

The Pepper King

Bennett, Robin


Deep below Creake Castle there lies a secret... A ghost story with hidden tunnels to boot. Can Fred solve the mystery of the Pepper King in time to save Creake Castle from being bulldozed? This is an Adventure story about a remarkable boy, Fred Longshanks, who lives in Creake Castle with

Bennett, Robin - Iron Knights, e-bok

Iron Knights

Bennett, Robin


Three best friends uncover a brooding secret in a deserted castle: 3 huge mechanical knights. They set about repairing them but their enthusiasm turns to panic when the Iron Knights turn out to be bonkers and almost completely evil. They reduce the boysí village to rubble and the friends

Davies, Jeremy - The Advent Calendar, e-bok

The Advent Calendar

Davies, Jeremy


With the help of their elder sister they manage to break the secret code and through the magical text in the book, the children undertake a remarkable quest North. There is magic at work along the way as the children face a race against time to restore pleasure and

Cowpar, David J. - Lee Kennedy, e-bok

Lee Kennedy

Cowpar, David J.

Från 4,45€

The story will follow Lee through his life, with support from Joshua and Holly, a girl concerned for young people living on the streets, will he get his life back together? And what secret is Joshua hiding?

Bennett, Robin - Raptor the Avenger, e-bok

Raptor the Avenger

Bennett, Robin


A mysterious volume in an unknown tongue, a thief who could change the course of the world and a closely-guarded secret, older than Humankind... "Robin Bennett's Picus the Thief is that seemingly impossible take on the genre - funny, intelligent, imaginative story-telling