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Gibson, Sidney - The Secret of the Storm Cloud, e-bok

The Secret of the Storm Cloud

Gibson, Sidney


When Euphemia Lovesweet is kidnapped on Halloween night and taken hostage to the castle of Ann Iolate, the evil supreme witch, in the parallel dimension of the Far Land, the magic talents of Azel Goodwill and the courage of Prince Danial are tested to the limit. Tradition confronts technology

Shelby, Quig - The Crocodile Masquerade, e-bok

The Crocodile Masquerade

Shelby, Quig


Joost has an old African crocodile mask that mediates between the living and the dead, and Bheki her delicious body, worth a fortune in ritual magic parts. But when the chance of resurrecting his wife arrives, Joost must make the hardest decision of his life - whom

Woodhouse, Gerry - Lord Damnus, e-bok

Lord Damnus

Woodhouse, Gerry


A time-bomb is ticking away for humanity. In this fantasy thriller, which involves love, hate, treachery and sorcery the sixth-century magician Merlin plots to install Lord Sammael, the son of Lord Damnus, an evil deity from a parallel dimension, as the…