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Henty, George Alfred - Under Drake's Flag, e-bok

Under Drake's Flag

Henty, George Alfred


A classic historical adventure from the master of the genre, George Alfred Henty. This is a wonderful adventure novel which tells 'A Tale of the Spanish Main'.

Henty, George A. - Through Russian Snows, e-bok

Through Russian Snows

Henty, George A.


A classic historical adventure novel by the master of the genre George A. Henty, telling the story of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow during the Napoleonic Wars.

Scott, Walter - Rob Roy, e-bok

Rob Roy

Scott, Walter


This historical novel by Sir Walter Scott has been enjoyed by readers around the world for over 190 years. A literary classic from the renowned Scottish author.

Wharton, Edith - The Age of Innocence, e-bok

The Age of Innocence

Wharton, Edith


Edith Wharton was the first woman ever to win the Pulitzer Prize: in 1921 with this book. It is a story of class-clash and scandal set in 1870s New York. A fantastic classic read.

Henty, G. A. - The Cornet of Horse, e-bok

The Cornet of Horse

Henty, G. A.


A fantastic classic historical adventure novel. Rupert Holiday flees England as a result of a fight with his stepbrother and joins John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, during his campaign in the Netherlands. Set during the battles of Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde, and Malplaquet.

Henty, G. A. - One of the 28th, e-bok

One of the 28th

Henty, G. A.


A wonderful classic novel set during the events of Sunday 18th of June 1815 - the Battle of Waterloo. From the author's preface: Although in the present story a boy plays the principal part, and encounters many adventures by land and sea, a woman is the real heroine, and the part she played

Cooper, James Fenimore - The Two Admirals, e-bok

The Two Admirals

Cooper, James Fenimore


A fantastic historical novel set during the events of the Scottish uprising, written by the author of The Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper.