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Gade, Marianne - Disa in the Land of the Northern Lights, e-bok

Disa in the Land of the Northern Lights

Gade, Marianne


In the land of the northern lights, Disa is lucky enough to make friends with the boy Kamban. Disa has to find the magic brimstone-buttercup. She can only succeed if she has the ability to see the invisibles. Disa in the Land of

Gade, Marianne - Disa's Battle, e-bok

Disa's Battle

Gade, Marianne


Will Disa and the brimstone-buttercup be able to lift the curse? And will she overcome her mother's power? Disa in the Land of the Northern Lights Disa and the Hidden People Disa's Battle

Lampinen, Anne - The birth of Father Christmas, e-bok

The birth of Father Christmas

Lampinen, Anne


With its charming illustrations, the book explains how the Northern Lights and Shooting Stars came about, how Father Christmas revels in the peace and quiet of the fells and is fascinated by the four quite distinct seasons of the