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Nixon, Robin - Creative Visualization For Dummies, e-bok

Creative Visualization For Dummies

Nixon, Robin


Known as "Creative Visualization," this powerfully simple tool has adherents as well known as Oprah Winfrey. In Creative Visualization For Dummies, Robin Nixon gives you the practical tools for pinpointing your goals, becoming

Anderson, Russell K. - Visual Data Mining: The VisMiner Approach, e-bok

Visual Data Mining: The VisMiner Approach

Anderson, Russell K.

Från 65,90€

This book introduces a visual methodology for data mining demonstrating the application of methodology along with a sequence of exercises using VisMiner. VisMiner has been developed by the author and provides a powerful visual data mining tool enabling the reader to

Janke, Steven J. - Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics, e-bok

Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics

Janke, Steven J.


Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics also includes:
Numerous examples of two- and three-dimensional techniques along with numerical calculationsPlenty of mathematical and programming exercises in each chapter, which are designed particularly for graphics

Cox, David - Creative Thinking For Dummies, e-bok

Creative Thinking For Dummies

Cox, David

Från 21,25€

It covers a range of techniques, including brainstorming, lateral thinking, mind mapping, synectics, drawing and doodling your way to great ideas, meditation and visualization, word and language games, and divergent thinking. See the world in a different way, and