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Cowlin, Chris - The Olly Murs Quiz Book, e-bok

The Olly Murs Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Are you a fan of Olly Murs? Do you enjoy listening to his music? Have you followed his journey from X Factor runner-up to award winning pop star and popular TV presenter. If you think you know all about Olly Murs or would like to find out more, The Olly…

Bennett, M. K. - Affine and Projective Geometry, e-bok

Affine and Projective Geometry

Bennett, M. K.


Affine and Projective Geometry comes complete with ninetyillustrations, and numerous examples and exercises, coveringmaterial for two semesters of upper-level undergraduatemathematics. The first part of the book deals with the correlationbetween synthetic geometry

Kapilow, Rob - What Makes It Great: Short Masterpieces, Great Composers, e-bok

What Makes It Great: Short Masterpieces, Great Composers

Kapilow, Rob


A fresh guide to classical music from the acclaimed creator of NPR's "What Makes It Great"™
Rob Kapilow has been helping audiences hear more in great music for two decades with his What Makes It Great? series on NPR's Performance Today, at Lincoln Center, and in concert halls throughout

Hong, Dongwoo - Efficient Test Methodologies for High-Speed Serial Links, e-bok

Efficient Test Methodologies for High-Speed Serial Links

Hong, Dongwoo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dongwoo Hong, Kwang-Ting Cheng
2. An Efficient Jitter Measurement Technique
Dongwoo Hong, Kwang-Ting Cheng
3. BER Estimation for Linear Clock and Data Recovery Circuit
Dongwoo Hong, Kwang-Ting Cheng
4. BER Estimation for Non-linear Clock and Data Recovery Circuit

Jackson, Frank - Language, Names, and Information, e-bok

Language, Names, and Information

Jackson, Frank


Challenges current pervasive view that the description theory of reference for proper names has been refuted Discusses several topics at the center of current debates, including representation and information, two-dimensionalism, possible worlds, and broad vs. narrow

Mazzola, Guerino - The Topos of Music IV: Roots, e-bok

The Topos of Music IV: Roots

Mazzola, Guerino


Table of contents
Part XX. Appendix: Sound
1. Common Parameter Spaces
Guerino Mazzola
2. Auditory Physiology and Psychology
Guerino Mazzola
Part XXI. Appendix: Mathematical Basics
3. Sets, Relations, Monoids, Groups
Guerino Mazzola
4. Rings and Algebras
Guerino Mazzola
5. Modules, Linear,

Victor, Daniel D. - Sherlock Holmes and The London Particular, e-bok

Sherlock Holmes and The London Particular

Victor, Daniel D.


Two corpses, a stolen diamond necklace, a Russian connection, and a dandified American writer who pals around with denizens of the theater - all add up to a murder investigation with international implications. Leave it to Sherlock Holmes who, in a classic assemblage

Austen-Leigh, J. E. - A Memoir of Jane Austen, e-bok

A Memoir of Jane Austen

Austen-Leigh, J. E.


Together with the shorter recollections of James Edward's two sisters, Anna Lefroy and Caroline Austen, the Memoir remains the prime authority for her life and continues to inform all subsequent accounts. These are family memories, the record of Jane Austen's life