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McFedries, Paul - Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets, e-bok

Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets

McFedries, Paul


With these tips, tricks, and tweets, you'll stay in the know and up to date on anything and everything you find interesting. Explores the newest Twitter features, including the new re-tweet feature, which adds a re-tweet button to each tweet on a person's timeline,

Ward, Stephen J. A. - Radical Media Ethics: A Global Approach, e-bok

Radical Media Ethics: A Global Approach

Ward, Stephen J. A.


Radical Media Ethics presents a series of innovative ethical principles and guidelines for members of the global online media community.
Offers a comprehensive new way to think about media ethics in a new media era Provides guiding principles and…

Bernard, Andreas - Theory of the Hashtag, e-bok

Theory of the Hashtag

Bernard, Andreas


This is a short book about the most prominent sign of our times.  The simple # sign is now used so widely that it is easy to overlook the fundamental effects it has had in the structuring of public debate.  With its help, statements are bundled together…

Soßdorf, Anna - Zwischen Like-Button und Parteibuch, e-bok

Zwischen Like-Button und Parteibuch

Soßdorf, Anna


Table of contents
1. Einleitung – Das Ideal von politischen likes, shares und tweets
Anna Soßdorf
2. Status Quo: Politische Partizipation und die Rolle des Internets
Anna Soßdorf
3. Theoretische Perspektiven
Anna Soßdorf
4. Definition politischer Partizipation Jugendlicher
Anna Soßdorf

Drapp, Lotta - Twitter Love: Contemporary romantic short story, e-bok

Twitter Love: Contemporary romantic short story

Drapp, Lotta


One night, she finds a spider in her bed and tweets about it. She is scared of spiders and gets lots of comments and retweets about that picture. The man called Jingle tweets to Lucy and she gets very excited about that. But then

Galdieri, Christopher J. - The Role of Twitter in the 2016 US Election, e-bok

The Role of Twitter in the 2016 US Election

Galdieri, Christopher J.


Donald Trump, Naturally: Revisionist Environmental Policy, Global Warming Tweets, and the Unexpected Emphasis on Climate Change in the 2016 Campaign
Mark J. O’Gorman
7. Can We at Least All Laugh Together Now? Twitter and Online Political Humor During the

Lacy, Kyle - Twitter Marketing For Dummies, e-bok

Twitter Marketing For Dummies

Lacy, Kyle


Get the latest tweets, tools, tips, and techniques and kick-start your Twitter marketing campaign!
As the fastest-growing social networking service with more than 50 million tweets posted per day, Twitter poses a plethora of marketing possibilities.

Chaston, Ian - Internet Marketing and Big Data Exploitation, e-bok

Internet Marketing and Big Data Exploitation

Chaston, Ian


Table of contents
1. The Online World
Ian Chaston
2. Big Data and Analytics
Ian Chaston
3. Opportunities
Ian Chaston
4. Technology
Ian Chaston
5. Capabilities
Ian Chaston
6. i-Strategies
Ian Chaston
7. Marketing Mix
Ian Chaston
8. Websites
Ian Chaston
9. Social

Köhler, Andreas - Trust in Media and Journalism, e-bok

Trust in Media and Journalism

Köhler, Andreas


The Quality of Tweets and the Adoption of Journalistic Norms
Sanja Kapidzic, Christoph Neuberger, Stefan Stieglitz, Milad Mirbabaie
Part II. Impacts on Trust
5. Media Trust and Media Use
Mario Schranz, Jörg Schneider, Mark Eisenegger
6. The Impact