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Double, D. B. - Critical Psychiatry, e-bok

Critical Psychiatry

Double, D. B.


Part I. Anti-psychiatry and Critical Psychiatry in Retrospect
2. Historical Perspectives on Anti-psychiatry
D. B. Double
3. From Anti-psychiatry to Critical Psychiatry
John M. Heaton
4. Transcultural

Nocito, Daniela - Brackish Double, e-bok

Brackish Double

Nocito, Daniela


Brackish Double by Daniela Nocito by translated by Elisa Biondini. A fascinating land surrounded by the sea that shapes the minds of its inhabitants. Farewell messages. Cakes, croissants, biscuits. Harbors and stations to escape and return. All this is enclosed in Caprice’s eyes. But one

Burkman, Katherine H. - The Drama of the Double, e-bok

The Drama of the Double

Burkman, Katherine H.


Narcissus and Doubling: Conrad, Shepard, and Mamet
Katherine H. Burkman
3. Narcissus and Dionysus: The Bacchae and The Crying Game
Katherine H. Burkman
4. Harold Pinter’S Death in Venice and Life in Victoria Station
Katherine H. Burkman

Raghavan, Val - Double Fertilization, e-bok

Double Fertilization

Raghavan, Val


Table of contents
1. Double Fertilization — A Defining Feature of Flowering Plants
2. Establishment of the Embryo Body Plan — A Reassessment of Cell Lineage and Cell Fate
3. Pattern Formation in Embryos — Interpretation of Positional Information
4. Life and Times of the Suspensor — Cell Signaling between

Bythell, Marian - Double Trouble, e-bok

Double Trouble

Bythell, Marian


One Sunday the snow is so deep in the lane that even the tractor can't get through. It looks as though Billy and Ben will have to miss church. Instead they help Dad to collect firewood and then they sit round the farmhouse fire while Grandma reads to…

Bernhardt, Sarah - My Double Life, e-bok

My Double Life

Bernhardt, Sarah


The fantastic memoirs of one of the most famous actresses in history, French stage and early film actress Sarah Bernhardt.