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Guerber, H. A. - Legends of the Middle Ages, e-bok

Legends of the Middle Ages

Guerber, H. A.


A fascinating study of many traditional myths from the Middle Ages, including tales of Beowulf, Merlin and King Arthur, and the quest for the Holy Grail.

Aronstein, Susan - The Disney Middle Ages, e-bok

The Disney Middle Ages

Aronstein, Susan


Building a Better Middle Ages: Medievalism in the Parks
2. Mapping the Happiest Place on Earth: Disney’s Medieval Cartography
Stephen Yandell
3. Disney’s Castles and the Work of the Medieval in the Magic Kingdom

Ganim, John M. - Cosmopolitanism and the Middle Ages, e-bok

Cosmopolitanism and the Middle Ages

Ganim, John M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John M. Ganim, Shayne Aaron Legassie
2. The Metropolis and Its Languages: Baghdad and Venice
Karla Mallette
3. Reorientations: The Worlding of Marco Polo
Sharon Kinoshita
4. Between Islam and…

Federico, Sylvia - The Post-Historical Middle Ages, e-bok

The Post-Historical Middle Ages

Federico, Sylvia


Table of contents
1. Introduction Getting Post-Historical
Sylvia Federico, Elizabeth Scala
2. Amorous Dispossessions: Knowledge, Desire, and the Poet’s Dead Body
Patricia Clare Ingham
3. Time Out of Memory
Jeffrey J. Cohen

Morrison, Susan Signe - Excrement in the Late Middle Ages, e-bok

Excrement in the Late Middle Ages

Morrison, Susan Signe


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Susan Signe Morrison
Part I. The Medieval Body: Disciplining Material and Symbolic Excrement
2. The Rhizomatic Body
Susan Signe Morrison
3. Moral Filth and the Sinning Body: Hell, Purgatory, Resurrection

Kłosowska, Anna - Queer Love in the Middle Ages, e-bok

Queer Love in the Middle Ages

Kłosowska, Anna


Table of contents
1. Introduction: History of Desire, Desire for History: The Queer Cryptology Project
Anna Kłosowska
2. Grail Narratives: Castration as a Thematic Site
Anna Kłosowska
3. Dissection and Desire: Cross-Dressing and the…

Gracia, Jorge J. E. - A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages, e-bok

A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages

Gracia, Jorge J. E.


This comprehensive reference volume features essays by some of the most distinguished scholars in the field.
Provides a comprehensive "who's who" guide to medieval philosophers. Offers a refreshing mix of essays providing historical context followed…