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Beeching, Nick - Lecture Notes: Tropical Medicine, e-bok

Lecture Notes: Tropical Medicine

Beeching, Nick


Lecture Notes: Tropical Medicine is a comprehensive introduction to tropical medicine. The new edition is in full colour throughout with over 40 colour images integrated with the text. There is a new chapter on syndromes of undernutrition (in both children…

Kwa, Boo H. - The Parasite Chronicles, e-bok

The Parasite Chronicles

Kwa, Boo H.


Table of contents
1. Parasites and Tiger Snakes
Boo H. Kwa
2. Tapeworms Down Under and Elsewhere
Boo H. Kwa
3. Cysticercosis: The Ides of March
Boo H. Kwa
4. Trematodes: It Was Just a Fluke
Boo H. Kwa
5. Schistosomiasis: Napoleon, Snails and Stalemate Across the Taiwan Straits
Boo H. Kwa

Mehlhorn, Heinz - Nature Helps..., e-bok

Nature Helps...

Mehlhorn, Heinz


The Efficacy of Extracts from Plants – Especially from Coconut and Onion – Against Tapeworms, Trematodes, and Nematodes
Heinz Mehlhorn, Gülendem Aksu, Katja Fischer, Bianca Strassen, Fathy Abdel Ghaffar, Khaled A. S. Al-Rasheid, Sven Klimpel
6. Curcumin:

Cole, Theodor C. H. - Wörterbuch der Wirbellosen / Dictionary of Invertebrates, e-bok

Wörterbuch der Wirbellosen / Dictionary of Invertebrates

Cole, Theodor C. H.


Plathelminthes (Plattwürmer), Rotatoria (Rädertiere), Nematomorpha (Saitenwürmer), Nemertini (Schnurwürmer), Acanthocephala (Kratzer), Chaetognatha (Pfeilwürmer), Phoronida (Hufeisenwürmer), Gastrotricha (Bauchhärlinge), Enteropneusta (Eichelwürmer), Pterobranchia (Flügelkiemer) – Platyhelminthes