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Warde, Alan - Consumption, e-bok


Warde, Alan


Consumption and Practice
4. Consumption as Appropriation: On the Use of ‘Consumption’ and Consumption as Use
Alan Warde
5. Consumption and Theories of Practice
Alan Warde

Genus, Audley - Sustainable Consumption, e-bok

Sustainable Consumption

Genus, Audley


Steering Sustainable Food Consumption in Japan: Trust, Relationships, and the Ties that Bind
Steven R. McGreevy, Motoki Akitsu
8. The Potential for Sustainable Production and Consumption

Seyfang, Gill - The New Economics of Sustainable Consumption, e-bok

The New Economics of Sustainable Consumption

Seyfang, Gill


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Consuming Issue
Gill Seyfang
2. Sustainable Consumption: A Mainstream Agenda
Gill Seyfang
3. Sustainable Consumption and the New Economics
Gill Seyfang
4. Grassroots Innovations for Sustainable Consumption
Gill Seyfang
5. Sustainable Food: Growing Carrots

Herring, Horace - Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Consumption, e-bok

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Consumption

Herring, Horace


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
Steve Sorrell, Horace Herring
Part I. Direct Rebound Effects
2. The Evidence for Direct Rebound Effects
Steve Sorrell
3. Fuel Efficiency and Automobile Travel in Germany: Don’t Forget the Rebound Effect!
Manuel Frondel, Jörg Peters, Colin Vance

Lebel, Louis - Sustainable Production Consumption Systems, e-bok

Sustainable Production Consumption Systems

Lebel, Louis


Production–Consumption Systems and the Pursuit of Sustainability
Louis Lebel, Sylvia Lorek
2. Cultivating Consumer Restraint in an Ecologically Full World: The Case of “Take Back Your Time”
Michael F. Maniates
3. Sustainability Transitions Through

Goldblatt, David L. - Sustainable Energy Consumption and Society, e-bok

Sustainable Energy Consumption and Society

Goldblatt, David L.


Table of contents
1. Sustainable Consumption and the Public’s Room to Maneuver in Energy Use
2. Targets of Intervention for Sustainable Consumption
3. Energy, Environment, and Society
4. Field Study with Computer-Aided Interviews
5. Achievements, Open Questions, and Lessons Learned


Tatzel, Miriam - Consumption and Well-Being in the Material World, e-bok

Consumption and Well-Being in the Material World

Tatzel, Miriam


Money and Consumption for Well-Being
2. Money for Happiness: The Hedonic Benefits of Thrift
Joseph Chancellor, Sonja Lyubomirsky
3. Getting the Most for the Money: The Hedonic Return on Experiential and Material Purchases
Travis J. Carter, Thomas Gilovich