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Du, Zhenyu - Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation, e-bok

Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation

Du, Zhenyu


Pulse Wave Averaging Computation and Clinical Verification
Li Yang, Yunan Hu
8. Conditional Fault Diagnosis of Bubble Sort Graphs under the PMC Model
Shuming Zhou, Jian Wang, Xirong Xu, Jun-Ming Xu
9. Process Simulation of Micro Device with Virtual

Albert, Jim - Bayesian Computation with R, e-bok

Bayesian Computation with R

Albert, Jim


Table of contents
2. An Introduction to R
Jim Albert
3. Introduction to Bayesian Thinking
Jim Albert
4. Single-Parameter Models
Jim Albert
5. Multiparameter Models
Jim Albert
6. Introduction to Bayesian Computation

Spagnolini, Umberto - Statistical Signal Processing in Engineering, e-bok

Statistical Signal Processing in Engineering

Spagnolini, Umberto


A problem-solving approach to statistical signal processing for practicing engineers, technicians, and graduate students 
This book takes a pragmatic approach in solving a set of common problems engineers and technicians encounter when processing signals. In writing it, the author drew

Klouche, Timour - Mathematics and Computation in Music, e-bok

Mathematics and Computation in Music

Klouche, Timour


Predicting Music Therapy Clients’ Type of Mental Disorder Using Computational Feature Extraction and Statistical Modelling Techniques
Geoff Luck, Olivier Lartillot, Jaakko Erkkilä, Petri Toiviainen, Kari Riikkilä
16. Nonlinear Dynamics, the Missing Fundamental,

Hayashi, Masahito - Quantum Computation and Information, e-bok

Quantum Computation and Information

Hayashi, Masahito


Table of contents
Part I. Quantum Computation
1. Quantum Identification of Boolean Oracles
Andris Ambainis, Kazuo Iwama, Akinori Kawachi, Rudy Raymond, Shigeru Yamashita
2. Query Complexity of Quantum Biased Oracles
Kazuo Iwama, Rudy Raymond, Shigeru Yamashita
Part II. Quantum Information
3. Quantum

Lahiri, Soumendra - Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory, e-bok

Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory

Lahiri, Soumendra


On the Computation of R-Estimators
Kanchan Mukherjee, Yuankun Wang
18. Multiple Change-Point Detection in Piecewise Exponential Hazard Regression Models with Long-Term Survivors and Right Censoring
Lianfen Qian, Wei Zhang
19. How to Choose the Number