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Lachmann, Richard - States and Power, e-bok

States and Power

Lachmann, Richard


States over the past 500 years have become the dominant institutions on Earth, exercising vast and varied authority over the economic well-being, health, welfare, and very lives of their citizens. This concise and engaging book explains how power became centralized in states

Suchoples, Jaroslaw - Finland and the United States, 1917-1919 , e-bok

Finland and the United States, 1917-1919

Suchoples, Jaroslaw


Finland and the United States, 1917-1919 -Early years of mutual relations The attitude of the American government towards the Finnish problem, which appeared on the international forum after the outbreak of the First World War, was determined by factors going far beyond bilateral

Lange, Matthew - States and Development, e-bok

States and Development

Lange, Matthew


States and Development:An Introduction
1. States and Development
Matthew Lange, Dietrich Rueschemeyer
2. Harnessing the State: Rebalancing Strategies for Monitoring and Motivation
Peter Evans
3. The Rule of Law and Development: A Weberian Framework

Kokoszka, Andrzej - States of Consciousness, e-bok

States of Consciousness

Kokoszka, Andrzej


Models of the States of Consciousness and Information Metabolism
Andrzej Kokoszka
6. Applications and Extensions of the Models
Andrzej Kokoszka
7. Information Metabolism in the Framework of Exact Sciences
Andrzej Kokoszka
8. Metabolism of Information