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Lehmann, Lilli - How To Sing, e-bok

How To Sing

Lehmann, Lilli


This classic guide teaching the reader the techniques of singing was written by a professional opera singer - Lilli Lehman - over 100 years ago. It has since become a must-read book for all those wishing to expand their vocal talents, and teaches a range of skills which the amateur singer

Phillips, Pamelia S. - Singing For Dummies, e-bok

Singing For Dummies

Phillips, Pamelia S.

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Take your voice to the next level and grow as a performer
Whether you're a beginning vocalist or a seasoned songster, Singing for Dummies makes it easy for you to achieve your songbird dreams. This practical guide gives you step-by-step instructions and lots of helpful tips, hints,

Scannell, Paddy - Why Do People Sing?: On Voice, e-bok

Why Do People Sing?: On Voice

Scannell, Paddy


In Why Do People Sing? Paddy Scannell explores some of the mysteries at the heart of vocal communication. What explains the communicative musicality of the voices between parent and child as a baby learns to talk? Can readers of fiction hear the voices of authors and characters within

Phillips, Pamelia S. - Singing Exercises For Dummies with CD, e-bok

Singing Exercises For Dummies with CD

Phillips, Pamelia S.


The fast and easy way to take your singing skills to new heights
Some people are born with a naturally great singing voice, but even the best singers can benefit from a broader range of knowledge and training. Voice training not only expands your

Chitando, Ezra - Singing Culture: A Study of Gospel Music in Zimbabwe, e-bok

Singing Culture: A Study of Gospel Music in Zimbabwe

Chitando, Ezra


This study examines the historical development, social, political and economic significance of gospel music in Zimbabwe. It approaches music with Christian theological ideas and popular appeal as a cultural phenomenon with manifold implications. Applying…

Lee, Kun Sang - Underground Thermal Energy Storage, e-bok

Underground Thermal Energy Storage

Lee, Kun Sang


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kun Sang Lee
2. Underground Thermal Energy Storage
Kun Sang Lee
3. Basic Theory and Ground Properties
Kun Sang Lee
4. Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
Kun Sang Lee
5. Borehole Thermal Energy Storage
Kun Sang Lee
6. Cavern Thermal Energy Storage Systems