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Mayer, Claude-Hélène - The Value of Shame, e-bok

The Value of Shame

Mayer, Claude-Hélène


An Introduction to the Value of Shame—Exploring a Health Resource in Cultural Contexts
Elisabeth Vanderheiden, Claude-Hélène Mayer
Part I. Theoretical Perspectives on Shame and Culture
2. Shame! A System Psychodynamic Perspective
Michelle May

Hutchinson, Phil - Shame and Philosophy, e-bok

Shame and Philosophy

Hutchinson, Phil


To ‘Make Our Voices Resonate’ or ‘To Be Silent’? Shame as Fundamental Ontology
Phil Hutchinson
4. Emotion, Cognition, and World
Phil Hutchinson
5. Shame and World
Phil Hutchinson

Kilday, Anne-Marie - Shame and Modernity in Britain, e-bok

Shame and Modernity in Britain

Kilday, Anne-Marie


Introduction: The Endurance of Shame and its Transformation in Modern Britain
Anne-Marie Kilday, David S. Nash
2. White Feathers and Black Looks: Cowardice, Conscientious Objection and Shame in the Great War
Anne-Marie Kilday, David S. Nash
3. ‘This

Kilday, Anne-Marie - Cultures of Shame, e-bok

Cultures of Shame

Kilday, Anne-Marie


Private Passions and Public Penance: Popular Shaming Rituals in Pre-Modern Britain
David Nash, Anne-Marie Kilday
3. The Shame and Fame of ‘Half-Hangit Maggie’: Attitudes to the Child Murderer in Early Modern Scotland

Bouson, J. Brooks - Shame and the Aging Woman, e-bok

Shame and the Aging Woman

Bouson, J. Brooks


Aging Women and the Age Mystique: Age Anxiety and Body Shame in the Contemporary Culture of Appearances
J. Brooks Bouson
2. The Mask of Aging and the Social Devaluation and Sexual Humiliation of the Aging and Old Woman
J. Brooks Bouson
3. Facing the

Górnicka, Barbara - Nakedness, Shame, and Embarrassment, e-bok

Nakedness, Shame, and Embarrassment

Górnicka, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Setting the nude scene
Barbara Górnicka
2. Among the naturists
Barbara Górnicka
3. From lewd to nude: becoming a naturist
Barbara Górnicka
4. The sociogenesis of nudism
Barbara Górnicka
5. Natural…