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Slaney, Kathleen - Validating Psychological Constructs, e-bok

Validating Psychological Constructs

Slaney, Kathleen


The Historical Dimension of Construct Validity
2. Historical Precursors and Early Testing Theory
Kathleen Slaney
3. The Birth of Construct Validity Theory
Kathleen Slaney
4. Construct Validity: Developments and Debates
Kathleen Slaney

Lewin, David - Studies in Music with Text, e-bok

Studies in Music with Text

Lewin, David


He conceived Studies in Music with Text as a unified collection, reproducing papers on music by Mozart, Schubert, Wagner, Schoenberg, and Babbitt, many of which have become classics in the fields of music theory and historical

Leone, James E. - Concepts in Male Health: Perspectives Across The Lifespan, e-bok

Concepts in Male Health: Perspectives Across The Lifespan

Leone, James E.

Från 66,00€

Each chapter of this book comprehensively reviews an important dimension of male health and examines the contributing historical, epidemiological,??psychosocial, cultural-ethical, legal, political, and economic influences. The diverse range of topics allows for complete

Goyette, Kimberly - Education and Immigration, e-bok

Education and Immigration

Goyette, Kimberly

Från 23,75€

Education is a crucially important social institution, closely correlated with wealth, occupational prestige, psychological well-being, and health outcomes. Moreover, for children of immigrants – who account for almost one in four school-aged children in the U.S. – it is the primary

Foster, Juliet - Performance, Madness and Psychiatry, e-bok

Performance, Madness and Psychiatry

Foster, Juliet


Performance in Bethlem, Fulbourn and Brookwood Hospitals: A Social Psychological and Social Historical Examination
Juliet Foster
Section II. Applying Performance
4. A Life of their Own: Reflections on Autonomy and Ethics in Research-Based Theatre

Gelfer, Joseph - Masculinities in a Global Era, e-bok

Masculinities in a Global Era

Gelfer, Joseph


Hypospadias, the “Bathroom Panopticon,” and Men’s Psychological and Social Urinary Practices
Stephen Craig Kerry
13. Cannibals and Ghosts: Forms of Capital, Immobility, and Dependence Among Former Javanese Sex Workers in South Bali (Indonesia)