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Groom, Andy - 101 Interesting Facts on Everton, e-bok

101 Interesting Facts on Everton

Groom, Andy


Do you support Everton FC? Have you cheered the team to victory as they scored the winning goal in an important match? Do you know all there is to know about the club’s long and successful history or would you like to find out more about your favourite…

Groom, Andy - The Illustrated Everton Story, e-bok

The Illustrated Everton Story

Groom, Andy


Are you a fan of Everton FC? If so, you won’t want to be without this new book profiling the Everton story from 1870 right up to the present date. Detailing all the high and low points that have made Everton into the successful club it is today, this…

Cowlin, Chris - The Man City Quiz Book, e-bok

The Man City Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


The Man City Quiz Book contains questions about all aspects of the club including the players, their nationalities and caps for their country, managers, top goalscorers, League ositions and club records as well as all those memorable moments that have gone to make

White, John DT - The Ibrox Bears Quiz Book, e-bok

The Ibrox Bears Quiz Book

White, John DT


Will you prove to be an intrepid Ranger as you track down the answers to the 1,500 challenging questions in this book, or will you end up like a Bear with a sore head? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure, your knowledge of the club will be tested…

Cowlin, Chris - The Official Birmingham City Quiz Book, e-bok

The Official Birmingham City Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Are you a loyal Blues supporter? Never missed a match and think you know all there is to know about your favourite team? If so, have a go at tackling the 1,000 brain teasing questions in this quiz book, each one cleverly thought out to test your memory…

Freestone, Nigel - The 2013/2014 Leicester Quiz Book, e-bok

The 2013/2014 Leicester Quiz Book

Freestone, Nigel


Is Leicester City your local football club? Are you a Foxes fan? Have you followed the team’s progress during the 2013/2014 season or gone to watch them play? If so, you are certain to want to tackle the 200 challenging questions in 2013/14 Leicester…