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Poe, Edgar A. - Ligeia, e-bok


Poe, Edgar A.


In this wellknown story by Poe the narrator describes Ligeia, a beautiful, mysterious and intellectual woman who became ill and died. Later on, the narrator, still griefstricken, marries Lady Rowena Trevanion. The building in which they live is richly furnished and the bedroom is hung with

Poe, Edgar A. - The Purloined Letter, e-bok

The Purloined Letter

Poe, Edgar A.


The Purloined Letter is a detective story by Poe about the theft of a compromising letter that the French Minister has perpetuated before the eyes of the recipient, who was unable to avoid it in the presence of a third person, a very upperclass person, to whom this document was to remain

Poe, Edgar A. - The Masque of the Red Death, e-bok

The Masque of the Red Death

Poe, Edgar A.


Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death tells about Prospero who, together with one thousand other nobles, hastaken refuge in a walled abbey to escape the Red Death, a terrible plague that has swept over the land. The symptoms of the Red Death are gruesome: The victim is overcome by convulsive

Poe, Edgar A. - The Black Cat, e-bok

The Black Cat

Poe, Edgar A.


In Poe’s renowed Black cat the main character has problems with alcohol; one day he comes home drunk and he plucks his loved black cat’s eye, one morning, he hangs it. Later on his house is on fire and when he visits the ruins of it he finds on the wall of his bed the figure of a cat

Poe, Edgar A. - The Fall of the House of Usher, e-bok

The Fall of the House of Usher

Poe, Edgar A.


In Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher the narrator receives a letter from his boyhood friend, Roderick Usher who asks for his help. The protagonist goes to the house of Usher, dingy and dilapidated, and realizes that his friend is sick: Roderick is pale, emaciated and very nervous .

Perry, Dennis R. - Adapting Poe, e-bok

Adapting Poe

Perry, Dennis R.


Introduction: Poe and the Twenty-First-Century Adaptation Renaissance
Dennis R. Perry, Carl H. Sederholm
2. Edgar Allan Poe and the Undeath of the Author
Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
3. Lusty Ape-men and Imperiled White

Poe, Curtis 'Ovid' - Beginning Perl, e-bok

Beginning Perl

Poe, Curtis 'Ovid'


Everything beginners need to start programming with Perl
Perl is the ever-popular, flexible, open source programming language that has been called the programmers’ Swiss army knife. This book introduces Perl to both new programmers and experienced…