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Bátora, Jozef - Fringe Players and the Diplomatic Order, e-bok

Fringe Players and the Diplomatic Order

Bátora, Jozef


Studying Liminality and Fringe Players in the Modern Diplomatic Order
Jozef Bátora, Nik Hynek
5. The Holy See: Global Borderless Sovereignty and Double-Hatted Diplomats
Jozef Bátora, Nik Hynek
6. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta: Extraordinary

Bryce, Herrington J. - Players in the Public Policy Process, e-bok

Players in the Public Policy Process

Bryce, Herrington J.


Table of contents
Part I. The Need for Perspective: Nonprofit Regulatory Power and Policy Purpose
1. The Significance of the Principal-Agent Paradigm
Herrington J. Bryce
2. The Policy Significance of Nonprofit Organizations

Freire, Maria Raquel - Key Players and Regional Dynamics in Eurasia, e-bok

Key Players and Regional Dynamics in Eurasia

Freire, Maria Raquel


Introduction Russia in Eurasia: External Players and Regional Dynamics
Maria Raquel Freire, Roger E. Kanet
Part I. The Russian Federation and the Greater Caspian Basin
2. Russia and the CIS Region: The Russian Regional Security Complex
Bertil Nygren

Pfister, Gertrud - Female Football Players and Fans, e-bok

Female Football Players and Fans

Pfister, Gertrud


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stacey Pope, Gertrud Pfister
Part I. Women’s Football and Female Players
2. It’s Still a Man’s Game? The Experiences of Top-Level European Women Footballers
Sheila Scraton, Kari Fasting, Gertrud…

Cordner, Michael - Players, Playwrights, Playhouses, e-bok

Players, Playwrights, Playhouses

Cordner, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Expanding Horizons
Michael Cordner
Part 1. Drama, Theatre, and History
2. Theatre History, 1660–1800: Aims, Materials, Methodology
Robert D. Hume
3. Sleeping with the Enemy: Aphra Behn’s The…