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Kümmerer, Klaus - Pharmaceuticals in the Environment, e-bok

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

Kümmerer, Klaus


Special Characteristics of Pharmaceuticals Related to Environmental Fate
V. L. Cunningham
Part II. Sources, Occurrence and Fate
3. Drug Production Facilities – An Overlooked Discharge Source for Pharmaceuticals to

Nassar, Ala F. - Drug Metabolism in Pharmaceuticals, e-bok

Drug Metabolism in Pharmaceuticals

Nassar, Ala F.


A valuable reference tool for professionals involved in the industry, Drug Metabolism in Pharmaceuticals covers new tools such as LC-MS and LC-MS-NMR along with experimental aspects of drug metabolism. This work fills a gap in the literature by covering the concepts and applications of pharmaceutical

Zolle, Ilse - Technetium-99m Pharmaceuticals, e-bok

Technetium-99m Pharmaceuticals

Zolle, Ilse


Table of contents
1. Drug Safety
I. Zolle
2. Technetium in Medicine
U. Mazzi, R. Schibli, H. -J. Pietzsch, J. -U. Künstler, H. Spies
3. Stannous Chloride in the Preparation of 99mTc Pharmaceuticals
H. Spies, H. -J. Pietzsch

Poget, Cédric Julien - Parallel Imports of Pharmaceuticals, e-bok

Parallel Imports of Pharmaceuticals

Poget, Cédric Julien


Parallel trade of pharmaceuticals in Norway
3. Parallel trade of pharmaceutical drugs in Denmark
4. Parallel imports of pharmaceutical drugs into Sweden
5. Increasing payers benefits from parallel trade: Observations from Scandinavia and policy proposals

Löfgren, Hans - The New Political Economy of Pharmaceuticals, e-bok

The New Political Economy of Pharmaceuticals

Löfgren, Hans


The New Political Economy of Pharmaceuticals: Conformity and Resistance in the Global South
Hans Löfgren, Owain David Williams
2. The Political Economy of Pharmaceutical Production in Brazil
Cassandra M. Sweet
3. Pharmaceuticals, Health Policy and

Storey, Richard A. - Solid State Characterization of Pharmaceuticals, e-bok

Solid State Characterization of Pharmaceuticals

Storey, Richard A.


The field of solid state characterization is central to the pharmaceutical industry, as drug products are, in an overwhelming number of cases, produced as solid materials. Selection of the optimum solid form is a critical aspect of the development of…