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Seirafi, Kasra - Organizational Epistemology, e-bok

Organizational Epistemology

Seirafi, Kasra


Organizational Knowledge
1. Organization as Conceptual Distinction
Kasra Seirafi
2. The Relevance of Organizational Knowledge
Kasra Seirafi
3. The Application of Organizational

Chouikha, Mona Ben - Organizational Design for Knowledge Management, e-bok

Organizational Design for Knowledge Management

Chouikha, Mona Ben


In order to make this intangible resource bear fruit, organizations are looking for ways, methods, procedures, processes and technical solutions to efficiently manage knowledge Within a framework of research into synergies and resource interdependence, organizations also rely on strategic alliances (joint

Cooper, Cary - Organizational Stress Management, e-bok

Organizational Stress Management

Cooper, Cary


Understanding The Nature Of Stress: Organizational Hot Spots
Ashley Weinberg, Valerie J. Sutherland, Cary Cooper
5. Stress, New Technology And The Physical Environment
Ashley Weinberg, Valerie J. Sutherland, Cary Cooper
6. Conducting A Stress Audit

Abbey, Alyssa - Organizational Stress, e-bok

Organizational Stress

Abbey, Alyssa


The Business Context and Organizational Drivers for Managing Stress
Jane Cranwell-Ward, Alyssa Abbey
Part II. What is Stress? Background and Importance
3. What is Stress?
Jane Cranwell-Ward, Alyssa Abbey
4. Why do Organizations Need to Act Now?