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Leake, William - Complete B2B Online Marketing, e-bok

Complete B2B Online Marketing

Leake, William


Learn to take full advantage of search and social media for B2B marketing
Business-to-business marketers have been slow to enter the online marketing arena, but now that the impact of search and social media marketing

Clifford, Paul - Content Marketing Strategies For Dummies, e-bok

Content Marketing Strategies For Dummies

Clifford, Paul


Drive your content marketing campaign toward success
Blogs and social platforms are all the rage right now—especially for strategists looking to cultivate influence among target audience members through content marketing. Content Marketing

Gunelius, Susan - Content Marketing For Dummies, e-bok

Content Marketing For Dummies

Gunelius, Susan


Get the whole picture and learn to create a successful online content marketing program
Successful online marketing is about more than creating a Facebook page or writing

Merz, Yasmin - Print versus Online?, e-bok

Print versus Online?

Merz, Yasmin


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Yasmin Merz
2. Konzeptionelle Grundlagen
Yasmin Merz
3. Methodische Grundlagen
Yasmin Merz
4. Ergebnisse
Yasmin Merz
5. Schlussbetrachtung
Yasmin Merz

Mensah, Kobby - Political Marketing and Management in Ghana, e-bok

Political Marketing and Management in Ghana

Mensah, Kobby


Political Marketing and Management: A New Architecture
Kobby Mensah
2. Political Communication and Public Relations in the Ghanaian Media: Building an Emotional Environment with Propaganda
James B. Abugre
3. Change in Party Leadership, Party Brand Image