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Leake, William - Complete B2B Online Marketing, e-bok

Complete B2B Online Marketing

Leake, William


Learn to take full advantage of search and social media for B2B marketing
Business-to-business marketers have been slow to enter the online marketing arena, but now that the impact of search and social media marketing

Newlands, Murray - Online Marketing: A User's Manual, e-bok

Online Marketing: A User's Manual

Newlands, Murray


Online Marketing has all the answers. Murray Newlands tells you everything you need to know; how to do it; how to do it even better; and what the future might hold. With this book you’ll get closer to your customers, increase conversions, learn more about the

Klapdor, Sebastian - Effectiveness of Online Marketing Campaigns, e-bok

Effectiveness of Online Marketing Campaigns

Klapdor, Sebastian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sebastian Klapdor
2. Overview on Online Advertising
Sebastian Klapdor
3. Existing Research and Conceptual Foundations
Sebastian Klapdor
4. Study I: Effectiveness of Multichannel Online Advertising
Sebastian Klapdor
5. Study II: Effectiveness of Search Engine

Jahnke, Marlis - Influencer Marketing, e-bok

Influencer Marketing

Jahnke, Marlis


Wie sieht das Marketing im Influencer-Zeitalter aus?
Regina Brix
3. Markenstrategischer Fit im Influencer-Marketing: Die Marke im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kontinuität und Freiheit
Annette Bruce, Christoph Jeromin

Viglia, Giampaolo - Pricing, Online Marketing Behavior, and Analytics, e-bok

Pricing, Online Marketing Behavior, and Analytics

Viglia, Giampaolo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Giampaolo Viglia
2. Definition of Online Marketing
Giampaolo Viglia
3. Online Marketing Communication Channels
Giampaolo Viglia
4. Online Marketing Metrics and Analytics
Giampaolo Viglia
5. Online Pricing
Giampaolo Viglia
6. A Peculiar Type of Revenue

Kamps, Ingo - Performance Marketing, e-bok

Performance Marketing

Kamps, Ingo


Performance-Marketing – Marketingerfolg messen und optimieren
Ingo Kamps, Daniel Schetter
2. Wandel im Performance-Marketing – Meilensteine auf dem Weg in die Gegenwart
Ingo Kamps, Daniel Schetter
Teil II. Performance-Marketing-Kanäle