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Rogers, Jane  - Good Fiction Guide, e-bok

Good Fiction Guide

Rogers, Jane


Covering everyone from Leo Tolstoy and Mark Twain to Don De Lillo and Lorrie Moore, Good Fiction Guide offers an informative reference work on novelists and their works, with an emphasis of twentieth-century fiction and popular classics, but with ample coverage of major novelists

O'Hara, Kieron - Joseph Conrad Today, e-bok

Joseph Conrad Today

O'Hara, Kieron


This book argues that the novelist Joseph Conrad’s work speaks directly to us in a way that none of his contemporaries can. Conrad’s scepticism, pessimism, emphasis on the importance and fragility of community, and the difficulties of escaping our history are important tools for understanding

Harte, Liam - Reading the Contemporary Irish Novel 1987-2007, e-bok

Reading the Contemporary Irish Novel 1987-2007

Harte, Liam


Reading the Contemporary Irish Novel 1987–2007 is the authoritative guide to some of the most inventive and challenging fiction to emerge from Ireland in the last 25 years. Meticulously researched, it presents detailed interpretations of novels…

Harper, Graeme - The Future for Creative Writing, e-bok

The Future for Creative Writing

Harper, Graeme


This is a compelling look at the current state and future direction of creative writing by a preeminent scholar in the field.Explores the practice of creative writing, its place in the world, and its impact on individuals and communitiesConsiders the…

Harrison, Andrew - The Life of D. H. Lawrence, e-bok

The Life of D. H. Lawrence

Harrison, Andrew


Complete with fresh perspectives, and drawing on the latest scholarship and biographical sources, The Life of D. H. Lawrence spans the full range of his intellectual interests and creative output to offer new insights into Lawrence’s life, work, and…

Richetti, John - A History of Eighteenth-Century British Literature, e-bok

A History of Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Richetti, John


A History of Eighteenth-Century British Literature is a lively exploration of one of the most diverse and innovative periods in literary history. Capturing the richness and excitement of the era, this book provides extensive coverage of major authors,…