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Zhang, Qianfan - Human Dignity in Classical Chinese Philosophy, e-bok

Human Dignity in Classical Chinese Philosophy

Zhang, Qianfan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Qianfan Zhang
2. Human Dignity: A Reconstruction of Confucianism
Qianfan Zhang
3. Humanity or Benevolence? The Interpretation of Confucian Ren and Its Modern Implications
Qianfan Zhang
4. Propriety,…

Fan, Ruiping - Reconstructionist Confucianism, e-bok

Reconstructionist Confucianism

Fan, Ruiping


Confucian Morality: Why It Is in Tension with Contemporary Western Moral Commitments
Ruiping Fan
2. Virtue, Ren, and Familial Roles: Deflating Concerns with Individual Rights and Equality
Ruiping Fan
3. A Family-Oriented Civil Society: Treating People

Wood, Paul - Western Art and the Wider World, e-bok

Western Art and the Wider World

Wood, Paul

Från 29,90€

Western Art and the Wider World explores the evolving relationship between the Western canon of art, as it has developed since the Renaissance, and the art and culture of the Islamic world, the Far East, Australasia, Africa and the Americas.

Tang, Yijie - Anthology of Philosophical and Cultural Issues, e-bok

Anthology of Philosophical and Cultural Issues

Tang, Yijie


A Bird’s-Eye View of the Impact of Western Philosophy on the East
Yijie Tang
7. Repositioning Confucianism in a New “Axial Age”
Yijie Tang
8. Several Crucial Points on Cultural Issues
Yijie Tang
9. Synthesizing Chinese Learning with

Yadav, B.S. - Ancient Indian Leaps into Mathematics, e-bok

Ancient Indian Leaps into Mathematics

Yadav, B.S.


Table of contents
1. Indian Calendrical Calculations
Nachum Dershowitz, Edward M. Reingold
2. India’s Contributions to Chinese Mathematics Through the Eighth Century C.E.
R. C. Gupta
3. The Influence of Indian Trigonometry on Chinese Calendar-Calculations in the Tang Dynasty
Duan Yao-Yong, Li Wen-Lin