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Allendorf, Fred W. - Conservation and the Genetics of Populations, e-bok

Conservation and the Genetics of Populations

Allendorf, Fred W.


Conservation and the Genetics of Populations gives a comprehensive overview of the essential background, concepts, and tools needed to understand how genetic information can be used to conserve species threatened with extinction, and to manage species of ecological

Fryxell, John M. - Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management, e-bok

Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management

Fryxell, John M.


  Climate change is rapidly becoming a central theme in virtually all wildlife conservation plans. The new chapter provides information on the anthropomorphic effects on climate change, climate change models and variation in future scenarios, and the effects of

Gore, Meredith L. - Conservation Criminology, e-bok

Conservation Criminology

Gore, Meredith L.


This important new text introduces conservation criminology as the interdisciplinary study of environmental exploitation and risks at the intersection of human and natural systems. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the book enhances understanding

Bisht, Jaideep Kumar - Conservation Agriculture, e-bok

Conservation Agriculture

Bisht, Jaideep Kumar


Resource Conservation Technologies (RCTs) for Climate-Resilient Agriculture in the Foothill of Northwest Himalayas
Sanjay Arora, Rajan Bhatt
4. Role of Biofertilizers in Conservation Agriculture
Mahendra Singh, M.

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