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Forsythe, Stephen J. - The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food, e-bok

The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food

Forsythe, Stephen J.


The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food follows on from the author's successful book The Microbiology of Safe Food and provides a detailed analysis of the subject area including cutting-edge information on: foodborne pathogens in world trade; food

Forsythe, Stephen J. - The Microbiology of Safe Food, e-bok

The Microbiology of Safe Food

Forsythe, Stephen J.

Från 85,80€

The comprehensive contents include: the dominant foodborne microorganisms; the means of their detection; microbiological criteria and sampling plans; the setting of microbial limits for end-product testing; predictive microbiology; the role of HACCP; the setting of

Revie, R. Winston - Oil and Gas Pipelines: Integrity and Safety Handbook, e-bok

Oil and Gas Pipelines: Integrity and Safety Handbook

Revie, R. Winston


A comprehensive and detailed reference guide on the integrity and safety of oil and gas pipelines, both onshore and offshore
Covers a wide variety of topics, including design, pipe manufacture, pipeline welding, human factors, residual stresses, mechanical damage, fracture and corrosion, protection, inspection and monitoring,

Revie, R. Winston - Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring, e-bok

Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring

Revie, R. Winston


The comprehensive reference on modern techniques and methods for monitoring and inspecting corrosion
Strategic corrosion inspection and monitoring can improve asset management and life cycle assessment and optimize operational budgets. Advances in computer technologies and electronics

Toldrá, Fidel - Safety of Meat and Processed Meat, e-bok

Safety of Meat and Processed Meat

Toldrá, Fidel


Methodologies for the Detection of BSE Risk Material in Meat and Meat Products
Ernst Lücker
21. GMO Detection
Jaroslava Ovesná, Kate?ina Demnerová, Vladimíra Pouchová
22. Principles of Predictive Modeling
Marie Laure Delignette-Muller

Bourlakis, Michael A. - Food Supply Chain Management, e-bok

Food Supply Chain Management

Bourlakis, Michael A.


Topics covered include the food consumer, perceived risk and product safety, procurement, livestock systems and crop production, food manufacture, retailing, wholesaling and catering. Special consideration is also given to supermarket supply networks, third party logistics,

Mosse, Irma - Multiple Stressors: A Challenge for the Future, e-bok

Multiple Stressors: A Challenge for the Future

Mosse, Irma


Radiation Risks in the Context of Multiple Stressors in the Environment – Issues for Consideration
Carmel Mothersill, Colin Seymour
16. Protection by Chemicals against Radiation-Induced Bystander Effects
Pavel Marozik, Irma Mosse, Carmel Mothersill,