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Arthurs, Jane  - Crash Cultures: Modernity, Mediation and the Material, e-bok

Crash Cultures: Modernity, Mediation and the Material

Arthurs, Jane


Our culture is both fascinated and horrified, paralysed and animated, by disaster. Princess Diana's shocking death and the Paddington and Hatfield rail crashes have generated considerable media attention. Likewise, fictional crashes such as Cronberg's and Ballard's versions of 'Crash' and

Pittock, Murray - Material Culture and Sedition, 1688–1760, e-bok

Material Culture and Sedition, 1688–1760

Pittock, Murray


Table of contents
1. Treacherous Objects: Towards a Theory of Jacobite Material Culture
Murray Pittock
2. Décor, Decoration and Design
Murray Pittock
3. Sedition, Symbols, Colours, Cant and Codes
Murray Pittock
4. Associations and Antiquarians
Murray Pittock
5. Propaganda: Medals, Weapons,

Melnick, Jeffrey - 9/11 Culture, e-bok

9/11 Culture

Melnick, Jeffrey


9/11 Culture serves as a timely and accessible introduction to the complexities of American culture in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Gives balanced examinations of a broad catalogue of artefacts from film, music, photography, literary fiction, and other

Burns, Gary - A Companion to Popular Culture, e-bok

A Companion to Popular Culture

Burns, Gary


A Companion to Popular Culture is a landmark survey of contemporary research in popular culture studies that offers a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the field.
Includes over two dozen essays covering the spectrum of popular culture

Batchelor, Jennie - Women and Material Culture, 1660–1830, e-bok

Women and Material Culture, 1660–1830

Batchelor, Jennie


The Material Culture of Empire
8. The Taste for Bringing the Outside in’: Nationalism, Gender and Landscape Wallpaper (1700-1825)
Ellen Kennedy Johnson
9. Taihu Tatlers: Aesthetic Translation in the China Trade

Peterson, Kent D. - The Shaping School Culture Fieldbook, e-bok

The Shaping School Culture Fieldbook

Peterson, Kent D.


When the bestselling books Shaping School Culture and The Shaping School Culture Fieldbook were first published, Kent D. Peterson and Terrence E. Deal described the critical elements of school culture—the purposes,

Howells, Richard - Visual Culture, e-bok

Visual Culture

Howells, Richard


But, rather than simply providing set meanings to individual images, Visual Culture teaches readers how to interpret visual texts with their own eyes.
While the first part of the book takes readers through differing theoretical approaches to visual analysis,

Knight, Cher Krause - Public Art: Theory, Practice and Populism, e-bok

Public Art: Theory, Practice and Populism

Knight, Cher Krause


This book takes a bold look at public art and its populist appeal, offering a more inclusive guide to America's creative tastes and shared culture. It examines the history of American public art – from FDR's New Deal to Christo's The Gates– and challenges preconceived notions