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Pritchard, Duncan - The Philosophy of Luck, e-bok

The Philosophy of Luck

Pritchard, Duncan


This is the first volume of its kind to provide a curated collection of cutting-edge scholarship on the philosophy of luck
Offers an in-depth examination of the concept of luck, which has often been overlooked in philosophical study Includes discussions of luck

Mäki, Reijo - Hard Luck Cafe, e-bok

Hard Luck Cafe

Mäki, Reijo


Salamurhaajan luoti tappaa Euroopan unionin kansleri-presidentin Giovanni V.I. Tornatoren Sergelin torilla ja maanosan historia muuttuu. Läntistä maailmaa kuohuttaa Al-Mahdin masinoima sieppausdraama Välimeren lomakohteessa. Kaapattua nuorta perijätärtä…

Rorie, Colonel David - A Medico's Luck in the War, e-bok

A Medico's Luck in the War

Rorie, Colonel David


This memoir is subtitled 'Reminiscences of RAMC Work With The Highland Division.' The author was OC 1/2nd Highland Field Ambulance and later ADMS (Assistant Director of Medical Services) 51st Highland Division. The holder of that appointment was the senior…

Denier, Yvonne - Justice, Luck & Responsibility in Health Care, e-bok

Justice, Luck & Responsibility in Health Care

Denier, Yvonne


On Justice, Luck and Moral Responsibility Concerning Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
Yvonne Denier
5. Mutual Moral Obligations in the Prevention of Infectious Diseases
Jeroen Luyten
6. Justice and Responsibility in Health Care: General Discussion and Conclusion

Foster, R. F. - Luck and the Irish : A Brief History of Change from 1970, e-bok

Luck and the Irish : A Brief History of Change from 1970

Foster, R. F.


Has there really been an "economic miracle"? Where does the explosion of cultural energy in music, literature, and theater come from? Has the power of the Catholic Church really crumbled? Focusing largely on contemporary events, living people, current controversies, and popular culture, Luck