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Soprano, Aldo - Liquidity Management: A Funding Risk Handbook, e-bok

Liquidity Management: A Funding Risk Handbook

Soprano, Aldo


Robust management of liquidity risk within the changing regulatory framework
Liquidity Management applies current risk management theory, techniques, and processes to liquidity risk control and management to help organizations prepare in case of

Sornette, Didier - Market Risk and Financial Markets Modeling, e-bok

Market Risk and Financial Markets Modeling

Sornette, Didier


Market Liquidity Measurement and Econometric Modeling
Viacheslav Arbuzov, Maria Frolova
6. Modeling of Russian Equity Market Microstructure (MICEX:HYDR Case)
Tatyana Efremova, Sergey Ivliev
7. Asset Pricing in a Fractional Market Under Transaction Costs

Albani, Antonia - Advances in Enterprise Engineering III, e-bok

Advances in Enterprise Engineering III

Albani, Antonia


Capturing Complex Business Processes Interdependencies Using Modeling and Simulation in a Multi-actor Environment
Jessica W. Sun, Joseph Barjis, Alexander Verbraeck, Marijn Janssen, Jacco Kort
3. A Heuristic Method for Business Process Model Evaluation