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Ehnert, Ina - Sustainability and Human Resource Management, e-bok

Sustainability and Human Resource Management

Ehnert, Ina


Corporate Human Capital and Social Sustainability of Human Resources
Regina Osranek, Klaus J. Zink
6. Enterprise Sustainability and HRM in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Nathalie Hirsig, Nikolai Rogovsky, Michael Elkin
Part III. The Role of HRM

Ehnert, Ina - Sustainable Human Resource Management, e-bok

Sustainable Human Resource Management

Ehnert, Ina


Table of contents
2. Introducing Sustainability into HRM
Ina Ehnert
3. Linking the Idea of Sustainability to Strategic HRM
Ina Ehnert
4. Theorising on Strategic HRM from a Sustainability Approach
Ina Ehnert
5. Paradox Theory…

Chiocchio, Francois - Advancing Human Resource Project Management, e-bok

Advancing Human Resource Project Management

Chiocchio, Francois


Get real-world solutions and evidence-based guidelines for HR project management challenges
Tackling major human resources management projects can be daunting, but now you can learn from the lessons of HR professionals who have encountered roadblocks