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Harvey, Keith - Tiberius Goes on Holiday, e-bok

Tiberius Goes on Holiday

Harvey, Keith


This is a wonderfully illustrated children's picturebook about Tiberius, a brave little mouse who has many adventures. In this story, Tiberius's holiday with his friends gets off to an exciting start...

 - Surviving the Holidays For Dummies, e-bok

Surviving the Holidays For Dummies


Just the thought of the holidays can be overwhelming: the decorating, the shopping, the entertaining, and the extra commitments (not to mention the extra calories). Fortunately, Surviving the Holidays For Dummies offers expert tips to help you make it

Kerry, Matthew - The Holiday and British Film, e-bok

The Holiday and British Film

Kerry, Matthew


The British Holiday Film and Its Audience
Matthew Kerry
3. Theorising the Holiday
Matthew Kerry
4. The Postcard Comes to Life: Early British Film and the Seaside
Matthew Kerry
5. Holidays With Pay: The Working Holidays of the 1930s

Briggs, Daniel - Deviance and Risk on Holiday, e-bok

Deviance and Risk on Holiday

Briggs, Daniel


Constructing Ibiza: The Holiday Career and Status Stratification
Daniel Briggs
7. ‘You Can Be Who You Want to Be, Do What You Want to Do’: Identity and Unfreedom
Daniel Briggs
8. The Political Economy: Consumerism and the Commodification of Everything

Vattulainen, Hemmo - Pattaya Holiday town – Thailand, e-bok

Pattaya Holiday town – Thailand

Vattulainen, Hemmo


e Photo Book / Pattaya - Holiday town – Thailand. - 249 pages - Photo Report of Pattaya City and Jomthien Beach street and beach life. Pattaya City's colorful night life in the glow of neon lights. In addition we see pictures of a turtles breeding place and Santtahip on the beach where

Taylor, Kelley - Holiday Decorating For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, e-bok

Holiday Decorating For Dummies®

Taylor, Kelley


Even if your home’s decor hasn’t changed since 1976, you can refresh, revamp, and revitalize it at the holidays with just a few simple strokes. Unlike regular decorating – where you agonize over paint colors, upholstery choices, and furniture styles –